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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Movies Rosy the Reviewer Enjoyed in 2022 (and a Few She Hated)!

Rosy the Reviewer has given up on Top Ten movie lists and predicting which movies will be nominated for Oscars.  For one thing, the pandemic screwed up movie-making big time, so in my opinion there haven't been very many good movies to choose from, but more than that, I live in a small movie market, so many of the films that end up getting nominated don't make it here, if at all, until it's too late to weigh in. So I don't feel like I've seen everything I need to see to come up with a Top Ten (e.g. can't wait to see "Babylon" and "The Whale").

So instead of a Top Ten list, I have decided to share a list of movies that I have seen, enjoyed and reviewed in 2022 along with a few that I hated.  

I know I am not supposed to say "hate (sorry, Mom)," but I'm going to. Remember that I say "I see the bad ones so you don't have to?"  Well, I did - I sat through some crap that inspired "hate" - so you are forewarned. But let's start with the good stuff first! (I am recapping my summing-up blurbs from my original reviews.  If you want to read the full reviews, click on the movie titles).

So here goes...Enjoyed vs. Hated!



1.  Nightmare Alley

Rosy the Reviewer noir at its finest...(Hulu) 

2.  The Menu

Rosy the Reviewer absolutely delicious but very, very dark satiric comedy that skewers pompous, pretentious foodies and those who slavishly follow what's in vogue.  You know who you are.  If you are one of those, you will probably not find this funny.  However, if you are a foodie with a sense of humor about yourself, you will find this hilarious.  And by the way, remember this. In the end, there really is nothing better than a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger! (In theatres)

3.  Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Rosy the Reviewer matter how you feel about a movie about sex, this one will make you smile. (Hulu)

4.  Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Rosy the Reviewer says...a feel good film that was utterly delightful. (Apple+)

5.  Nope

Rosy the Reviewer says...should you see "Nope?"  Yep! (Apple+)

6.  Three Thousand Years of Longing

Rosy the Reviewer says...if you have been craving a smart movie, one that requires you to think, then this is for you. (Apple+)

7.  The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Rosy the Reviewer says...I was once one of those Nick Cage critics but after seeing him in "Pig" and this one, I'm a fan.  Love him or hate him, you will enjoy this very self-deprecating and fun film. (Apple+)


1.  Blonde

Rosy the Reviewer says...according to this film, Marilyn had an extremely unpleasant life, and for me, this was an extremely unpleasant film experience.

2.  Tar

Rosy the Reviewer says...if you are a huge Cate Blanchett fan and want to watch her performance for 158 minutes, you might like this but as for the film itself, I often say, "I see the bad ones so you don't have to."  And you are welcome.

3. Bullet Train

Rosy the Reviewer says...despite Brad's presence, a very weird and not very enjoyable film experience. Brad, can't you make this old girl happy and do a romantic movie once in awhile?

Thanks for reading!

See you again soon!

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