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Monday, November 25, 2013

Passing the Baton

My daughter graduated from library school in June.  I retired from my 40 year career as a librarian in July.

Just as I left the profession, my daughter began job hunting for her first professional library position.

She just called to say she had accepted a very good job offer.

I am so proud of her and happy that she has chosen the profession that sustained me for 40 years.

My daughter's and my lives have had many parallels, 37 years apart. 

We both moved thousands of miles away from our families, we both wanted to be actresses and we both became librarians.

We were born

"Welcome to the world!"

      1948                                                                                  1985                                                                                                     



We grew up in loving families.


We Graduated from High School

                 1966                                                                                                        2003                                                                                                                                                                                                      


We Graduated from College

We Got Married


                                  1984                                                                    2010
We Were Actresses and Performers

Then we became librarians.
Welcome to the world of libraries!
     My first job -  1974                                                   Her first job - 2013
A picture is worth a thousand words!
My mother got a real kick out of my daughter. 
Once, when my mother was particularly complimentary about her, I said, "Just like me, huh, Mom?" 
To which she replied, "Yes, only better!" 
But she was right.  Don't we wish our children to be better than we were, to do better than we did?
And now my daughter has parlayed her education and three years managing a retail store (while her husband finished up his Ph.D) into a library management position as her first job, something it took me three years into the profession to attain.
As the conductor of my own life, I have chosen to retire from the symphony I conducted for the last 40 years, pass my baton and bow to the next generation.
I know some of what lies ahead for her. May she enjoy it as I have.
Now I am on to my next symphony!
Have you passed your baton to someone?
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
See you Friday for a Thanksgiving Wrap-up!
                                                         Thanks for reading!
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