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Friday, March 2, 2018

"Special 2018 Best Picture Oscar Recap"

The 2018 Oscars are this coming Sunday, March 4th!

So here is a handy recap of my reviews for all nine best picture nominees (which just happen to star most of the Best Actor nominees) to help you with your Oscar pool or just to remind you of the Oscar nominated films and which movies you need to see!  

If you want to read the full review and see how I called these films when they first came out, just click on the movie title.  Otherwise, I have added a pithy statement about each for a quick read.

See you at the Oscars and stay-tuned for my "Let's Dish About the 2018 Oscars" post next Tuesday where I get really catty about the clothes, the speeches and the antics.


Rosy the Reviewer says...will stand as one of the best and most inspiring war movies of all time.

Get Out

Rosy the Reviewer original and often humorous horror film that makes you think.

Phantom Thread

Rosy the Reviewer says...a beautiful film that deserves its Best Picture Oscar nomination and harks back to the romantic films of the past highlighted by an interesting, twisty story and brilliant performances. Speaking of which, this is possibly Daniel Day-Lewis's last performance (he plans to retire from acting but he's said that before so take that with a grain of salt).

The Post

Rosy the Reviewer says...Streep is nominated for Best Actress but this year she ain't gonna win nor will this picture win the Oscar for Best Picture, despite the fact that it's important and timely and resonates in today's political climate.

Lady Bird

Rosy the Reviewer says...a coming of age story that we all can relate to with superb nominated performances.

Call Me By Your Name

Rosy the Reviewer says...not my favorite film. In fact, I think I am one of the few critics who did not feel it but expect it to win for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Rosy the Reviewer says...and the Best Actor Oscar goes to...

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Rosy the Reviewer says...and the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...

The Shape of Water

Rosy the Reviewer says...or the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...

One of the closest races ever for Best Picture!

Good luck and see you at the Oscars! 

I also hope to see you Tuesday 

for a fun post show recap. 

"Let's Dish about the 2018 Oscars!"

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