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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Things I Can't Resist

I have a fetish.

No, it's not a freaky kind of thing.  I'm not going all "Fifty Shades of Grey" on you. It's fetish in the obsession sense, a fetish for certain items. Items I can't resist.

I mean, do you ever find yourself buying yourself another handbag, even though you already have 20 at home?  Or shoes.  Shoes are one of those things some people can't resist. Or golf clubs?  Or cars?

My Dad had a fetish for trumpets.  He kept buying them, hoping to find the one that he thought would let him hit the high notes like Doc Severinsen.

Some fetishes come from childhood, I think.

For example, I have this fetish for jackets. 

I just cannot resist buying a cute jacket. 

I think it's because growing up I wasn't able to buy all of the clothes I wanted.  We were comfortable but my family certainly didn't have the money for me to have all of the latest styles I would see in "Seventeen" magazine. And I hung with some of the popular girls in high school whose family could afford all of those cute things - plaid skirts with matching vests, expensive jeans, little suits, though my Dad did get me this one.  I was over the moon.  It had been on the cover!

It was those little suits I coveted.  I must have thought if I had those cute outfits, I would be popular too.  So I guess that accounts for my almost 100 jackets.

Here is my latest acquisition.

I am particularly partial to military jackets.  I don't even want to get into where that might have come from!

In addition to jackets, I also can't help myself around luggage.

Like my Dad, I guess I think that if I find the perfect carry-on bag I will magically be able to take everything I want to Europe in a carry-on without being hassled by the airline staff.  When I get on a plane, I look like a homeless person wearing every article of clothing I own because I am so paranoid that I will have to check my carry-on.

Another fetish is faux fur. 

How many faux fur coats does a person need?   Mmmm, how about 10?  I know, it's crazy, but they make me feel glamorous.  And if it's leopard, I go even more nutty.  Leopard is the new black, you know.

I can also add anything velvet, suede or leather and blingy to that clothes fetish too.

I also cannot resist earrings, and the bigger the better.

Should a woman of a certain age wear big, flashy earrings?  Yes!  A woman of a certain age can do whatever she likes.  She no longer cares what others think of her fashion choices.

I go to the library (and so should you!) and check out books and DVDs, but I also buy books.   For some reason, there are some I think I should own or that I think will take me longer to read, so I had better purchase them. But because I go to the library for the latest books, the ones I have purchased start to languish.  But I keep buying books, thinking that if I am ever bedridden, I won't run out of reading material. 

It's also kind of like Sarah Winchester (whose husband was the gun magnate, William Wirt Winchester) and the famous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California.  A psychic once told her to move west and continuously build a house to atone for all of the deaths caused by the Winchester rifle. Sarah believed that if the house was ever finished she would die so she kept adding on to it, seven stories, strange staircases that went nowhere, that sort of thing.  Like Sarah,  I think I will stay around as long as I still have all of these unread books.

But how do I explain my fetish for poodles?

In my lifetime, I have had seven miniature and toy poodles.

Is it that they are just so darn cute?

So magically loving and sweet?

Or is it because they satisfy that other fetish?

Dressing them up.



I know. 

We all have our issues,
er, I mean fetishes.
Those are some of mine.

What are yours?

Thanks for Reading!

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