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Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Best TV Series of 2021

Start 2022 out right, watching some great TV.  Here is a handy list to help you, compliments of Rosy the Reviewer.  

You are welcome.

The Shrink Next Door

An insecure Marty Markowitz seeks therapy and meets Dr. Ike, who turns his life around for the good...until Dr. Ike takes over Marty's life entirely...and that's bad.

Based on a true story and an award-winning Wondery podcast, Marty (Will Ferrell), who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, seeks help from Dr. Ike (Paul Rudd), whose charm wins Marty over until he trusts Dr. Ike completely. Dr. Ike is very charismatic. At first Dr. Ike helps Marty...but then Dr. Ike takes over Marty's life. You see, Marty may be insecure, but he is rich, and when Dr. Ike sees Marty's Hamptons home, he goes ka-ching! He wants what Marty has and what Marty can give him, so Dr. Ike breaks boundary after boundary and all with Marty's approval -- for over 30 years.

Created by Georgia Pritchet and directed by Michael Showalter and Jesse Peretzthe story will grab you from the first episode but brace yourself. It can get very frustrating as Marty gives Dr. Ike more and more control over his life. When Marty gives Dr. Ike and his wife his bedroom in the main house and moves into the guest house, I wanted to slap Marty and say "Snap out of it!"
This is Will Ferrell as you have never seen him. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen him in a dramatic role before. And Paul Rudd? Well, likewise. He doesn't look anything like Ant-Man or People's Sexiest Man Alive here. But both are believable in this story of transference between a therapist and a patient that runs amok. It's an intriguing story that will draw you in. And Kathryn Hahn as Marty's sister, Phyllis, who is suspicious of Dr. Ike from the start, is wonderful as usual.
Rosy the Reviewer says...If you like true crime stories enacted by a great cast, this is for you. (Apple+)


Oh, the evil that men do. Well, most of the evildoers are men in this eight-part biopic that is not about a person, but about a drug – oxycontin. It tells the story of its birth, its life and the people it hurt.

The main evildoer here is Richard Sackler (Michael Stuhlbarg), part of the rich and supposedly benevolent Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, not to be confused with Perdue Farms. Those are the chicken people. These are the evil drug people who not only came up with oxycontin but figured out a way to make it a major part of our culture during the 1990’s.
Sackler and his cronies were able to get the FDA to not only approve oxycontin, but to put a label on it saying that the drug was not addictive. Then when the effectiveness of the drug was questioned, Sackler came up with the term “breakthrough pain,” meaning, oh, when that happens you just need to double the dose.

But then, he and his fellow evildoers came up with something really genius – “Pain is the 5th vital sign.” You know that little pain sign they use in the hospital, asking you how bad your pain is from 1-10 and it has those little faces on it? Yep. Them. They were able to get hospitals, doctors and nurses to buy in to “getting ahead of the pain.” And how do they do that? Why, pain medication, of course.

Oh, I forgot. One more thing. Addiction? No. It’s called pseudo-addiction. If someone appears to be addicted, it doesn’t mean they are addicted to oxycontin, it means their pain hasn’t been addressed. THEY NEED MORE PAIN MEDS! Sheesh. And then they funded what appeared to be non-profit, non-partisan “pain societies” to legitimize their drug. Sheesh again.
Through shady marketing and an aggressive sales force, American doctors who really wanted to help their patients be free of pain, were duped into believing that oxycontin was the pain medication of choice because it was non-addictive. All of this to get the public addicted to oxycontin so that the Sackler family could become even richer.
But then a couple of guys from the local Virginia attorney general’s office get involved as does the DEA. And none too soon… but they have an uphill battle.
Michael Keaton stars as Dr. Samuel Finnix, a folksy doctor in southwestern Virginia who still makes house calls and really cares about his patients, mostly injured coal miners. He is befriended by a pharmaceutical salesman (Will Poulter) and roped into believing the hype about oxycontin until he is faced with the reality of his own opioid addiction. Keaton is brilliant in this role (expect awards). Likewise, Rosario Dawson, John Hoogenakker and Peter Sarsgaard as federal investigators and Kaitlyn Deaver as a young drug addicted coal miner are all standouts.

Rosy the Reviewer says…created by Danny Strong, this is a cautionary tale about how easy it is for, not just the American public, but doctors to be sold a bill of goods based on shoddy research and lies. A depressing but wonderful series that is a warning. My warning? Don’t miss it.


A girls’ high school soccer team from New Jersey – the Yellowjackets – is headed to an important tournament in Seattle when their plane goes down and they are stranded in a remote Canadian wilderness where they have to fend for themselves for 19 months. And what happens during those 19 months is not pretty.

This is “Lord of the Flies” meets “The Wilds” but what sets this apart from both of those is that we get to see not just some of what happened out there in the wilderness – let’s just say, not everyone who survived the plane crash came back - but also what happened to the girls 25 years later as adults.
The story cuts back and forth between 1996 and the present day and we get to know Natalie (Juliette Lewis, Sophie Thatcher), Misty (Christina Ricci, Samantha Hanratty), Shauna (Melanie Lynskey, Sophie Nelisse), Taissa (Tawny Cypress, Jasmin Savoy Brown) and the others as teens, then as survivors in the wilderness and then later as adults back in the “real world.”

When we first meet the adult "girls," they appear to have moved on from the trauma of what happened 25 years ago, but then a mysterious postcard arrives, bringing it all back, threatening to expose their secrets. You see, survival has a way of bringing out one’s true colors. And some rose to the occasion and some…didn't.
Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, the series features an excellent ensemble cast led by Lewis, Ricci, Lynsky and Cypress, all very different actresses who play very different characters. Likewise, their young counterparts. Natalie (Thatcher) was a rebel in high school and has had a tough adulthood (Lewis) as in drug addiction; Misty (Hanratty) was a nerd in high school, picked on by the popular girls and appears to have turned into a passive aggressive but still nerdy adult (Ricci); Shauna (Nelisse) was popular in high school but married her high school sweetheart and is now bored stiff as a housewife (Lynskey); and Taissa (Brown) was a competitive girl in high school and is running for Senate as an adult (Cypress).

Just what really happened out there in the wilderness and what is going to happen now to these women 25 years later?

Lewis ("Cape Fear") and Ricci ("The Adams Family") both had big moments of fame as young girls that made them stars. Lynsky was also an actress who started young and, though her career has done well, she has never really had that role that turned her into a household name, well, a household name in regular movie-going households. She is an unlikely movie actress in that she looks like a regular girl. I say girl because I remember seeing her very early in her career, in her first feature film, starring with Kate Winslet in "Heavenly Creatures." And she made a big impression on me because of her understated but strange and riveting performance. She has a quiet but strong presence that has a sort of ominous edge and she was the quiet, ominous edge in this. And underrated actress who needs to become a household name (in, like I said, those regular movie-going households).

This series was a huge hit for Showtime and you know what happens to "huge hits," right? They keep going, so it ends with a cliffhanger, but thankfully, Season 2 is in the works. Can't wait!
Rosy the Reviewer says…if you like horror, it’s got it. If you like survival situations, check. If you enjoy coming of age stories, yep. And you want an interesting story with twists and turns and great acting? Hell, yes!

Emily in Paris - Season 2

A young American girl from Chicago gets a chance to live and work in Paris.

When Season Two begins, Emily (Lily Collins, yes, Phil's daughter) is back and still living in Paris, trying to  bring an American point of view to a French marketing firm. Her Parisien colleagues have warmed up to her a bit since Season One, but not that much. Emily's friend, Mindy (Ashley Park), shares an apartment with Emily and the series gives us more of her story as she tries to get her singing career started. And then there is the "to die for handsome" Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) who is back, creating a romantic dilemma for our Emily. As you may remember, they shared some romance last season (the best night of her life), but now Emily is wracked with guilt because he is really her friend, Camille's (Camille Razat), boyfriend. What to do? But then, enter the handsome Alfie (Lucien Laviscount). Mmmm. What to do? 

Created by Darren Star (the guy behind "Sex and the City,"), if you enjoyed Season One, this is still a frothy confection of a show, Paris is still beautiful and Lily sports the usual fastastically original clothes. I couldn't help but wonder how Emily could afford those clothes on what she must have been making as an "influencer," but this series is not meant for that kind of deep thought or any other kind, for that matter. It's meant to help you escape.  I binged the entire season while taking a long, eight-hour bumpy plane ride.  I highly recommend it.  The series, not the plane ride.

Rosy the Reviewer says...grab a glass of wine, get into your armchair, and join Emily in Paris. C'est délicieux! (a Season three is in the offing - Netflix).

And here is a handy list of the other great series of 2021 that I reviewed over the last year (click on the title link for the complete review)

Squid Game

A group of people hopelessly in debt play children's games to win a big prize.  The downside?  You lose, you die. (This is the all-time most watched show on Netflix and has garnered several Emmy awards).

Rosy the Reviewer says...If you like dark but original and engrossing TV fare, this is for you! (Netflix)


Wealthy and sexy shenanigans in Regency England. Ladies, if you haven't yet met the Duke of Hastings (Rege-Jean Page), brace yourselves.

Rosy the Reviewer says..."I burn for you." Sigh.  Enough said. (Netflix)

Ted Lasso

An American college football coach (Jason Sudeikis) with no experience in soccer is recruited to run AFC Richmond, a London soccer team. Huh? Interesting characters and screwball antics ensue.

Rosy the Reviewer says... If you like soccer, fish out of water stories and some positivity in this time of so much negativity, this is for you! (Apple+)

All Creatures Great and Small

James Herriot and his cronies are back in a new version of this beloved show.

Rosy the Reviewer says...if you love British dramas, the beautiful English countryside and humorous, warm-hearted stories, you will love this. (Find Season 1 on PBS Masterpiece and Amazon Prime- Season Two starts January 9, 2022 on PBS)

The Morning Show

A dramatization of the emotional and political life backstage at a TV morning show where the male anchor has been fired for sexual harassment.

Rosy the Reviewer says...if you enjoy behind the scene exposes of television productions anchored by great performances, you will enjoy this. (Two seasons - Apple+)


What happens when an aging Las Vegas comedienne (Jean Smart) whose career needs a boost teams up with a young, entitled and disaffected writer from L.A who currently doesn't have a career? Well, a LOT as it happens!

Rosy the Reviewer says...many well-deserved Emmy nominations for this series with a performance by Smart that is one of the best of the season! (HBO Max and Xfinity)

Mare of Easttown

Kate Winslet stars as a detective in a small Pennsylvania town investigating a murder while dealing with her own turmoil.

Rosy the Reviewer says...Winslet as you have never seen her (she nails the Pennsylvania accent)! Many well-deserved Emmy nominations for this gritty and real detective drama. (HBO Max and Xfinity)

The Serpent

The real-life story of Charles Sobhraj, a murderer and thief, who preyed on young hippies as they wandered cluelessly around Asia in the 1970's.

Rosy the Reviewer says…if you like true crime, this is as good as it gets.

McCartney 3,2,1

In six 30-minute episodes, Sir Paul discusses his songwriting philosophy and reminisces about life as a Beatle in this intimate portrait with music producer Rick Rubin asking the questions and playing Beatles' tracks for Paul to comment on.

Rosy the Reviewer says...this captures the real Paul. It's all very candid and honest and you feel like a fly on the wall. (Hulu)

The White Lotus

A satiric and rather dark comedy that follows guests and staff at the White Lotus, an exclusive Hawaiian resort, over the course of a week and let’s just say a lot can happen in a week.

Rosy the Reviewer says...a satire about race, class and white privilege that is darkly funny and gets its point across in a satisfying and entertaining way. (HBO Max)

The Beast Must Die

A woman grieving the hit-and-run death of her six-year-old son seeks revenge.

Rosy the Reviewer says…this is a riveting vengeance story but what makes it special is Cush Jumbo’s performance and that face of hers… one of the most expressive faces in film today.  (AMC+ and for rent on Amazon and Vudu)

The Unforgotten on Masterpiece

DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunil "Sunny" Khan try to solve a murder that occurred 39 years ago.

Rosy the Reviewer say…if you appreciate really good crime drama, this is it, but brace yourself for a huge and sad twist in true British crime fashion. (PBS - On Demand - Xfinity)


A young mother takes her daughter and leaves an abusive relationship to work as a house cleaner to try to make a better life for them both.

Rosy the Reviewer says...if you like shows with well-drawn, strong characters and an engrossing story, this is for you. And Margaret Qualley shines as she plays alongside her real-life mother, Andie McDowell, Andie in a role as you have never seen her. (Netflix) 

Only Murders in the Building

When a young man is found dead in his New York City apartment, three neighbors team up to solve the murder and what better way to solve a murder than to start a podcast? It's actually a comedy and what better way to get laughs than to put Steve Martin and Martin Short together? Selena Gomez rounds out the team so those two don't get too carried away!

Rosy the Reviewer says...a charming and funny murder mystery series reminiscent of classic movies from the 1930's. If you like old-fashioned whodunnits, this is for you. (Hulu)

What We Do in the Shadows

A satiric comedy about centuries-old vampires living in modern day Staten Island.  Staten Island? That concept alone is funny.

Rosy the Reviewer says...if you loved "This is Spinal Tap," you will enjoy this.  It's the same kind of humor (and it helps if you love vampires)! (Hulu)

(NOTE:  If you can't find a series you want to watch, check out this cool site: JustWatch.  It tells you where you can access all TV series and movies)

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