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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life Lessons: What I Have Learned (Inspired by Kim Kardashian)

Kim Kardashian just turned 35 last Wednesday and shared with People Magazine the 35 things she has learned in her 35 years.

Here are some highlights:

"Family first - always."
OK, I can go with that.

"Mom is usually right."
Yes!  She is right on with that one!

"Let people know how much you care about them because tomorrow is never promised."

"Remember where you came from."

"Never forget how blessed you are."
Well, those of us who are not worth millions of dollars might forget from time to time when the mortgage is due and our kids forget where they came from and that family comes first.

"Wake up early; get the most out of your day."
Forget that one.

"Health is an invaluable gift -- take care of yourself."
She should have made sure her brother-in-law got that message.

I know, I'm bad. 

So those are all good life lessons.

But then she gets into some scary territory.

"A perfectly centered part takes time but it's worth it."
It took her 35 years to figure that out and it's worth sharing? I tried it on Fred, and yes, it takes time, hair products and, no, it's not worth it.

"Airplane bathrooms have the best lighting for selfies."
What? I don't know what airplane bathrooms Kim is taking her selfies in, but the bathrooms I have been in are terrible.  Oh, right, airplane bathrooms in PRIVATE JETS!!!  I get it.

"When in doubt, wear black."
Millie concurs.

"Sometimes you just have to let North wear her Minnie Mouse outfit to bed."

And sometimes you just have to let Millie wear her Pilgrim outfit with the scarlet letter.

"You can't go wrong with a nude nail."
Uh, I'm sure if I had a nude nail, something COULD go wrong.

OK, Kim, well that's great.  Some good advice there.

I know she is Kim Kardashian and has many fans, but is her advice going to resonate with those of us who are just ordinary folks?

If anyone had asked me what I had learned by my 35th birthday I would have said, "Men are scum" and "life sucks."  But that's because I was going through a horrible divorce at the time, had a two-year-old son, and obviously wasn't as highly evolved at 35 as Kim Kardashian seems to be.  I'm just saying.

But I can't help but wonder why we care what a 35-year-old privileged celebrity thinks.  If we are going to listen to "life lessons" from a celebrity why aren't we asking 98-year-old Kirk Douglas or even 70 year-old Helen Mirren.  He survived a stroke and is still going strong and she must be doing something right because she looks fantastic.  I wonder how they feel about airplane bathroom lighting for taking selfies and a nude nail.

And that's my point. The point is Kim Kardashian is THIRTY FIVE.  Douglas and Mirren are 98 and 70 respectively. Why aren't the magazines asking THEM? 

Or what about me?  I am SIXTY SEVEN and no one has asked ME what I have learned, not even my kids.

In China and other countries being old means something.  It means you may be all wrinkly and bald, but you have wisdom.  And wisdom is worth something.  The children take care of their elders and heed their life lessons.

In this country, the old are practically invisible and often warehoused away in old folks homes.  And the sad thing is, it's not always the children who make that decision because in this country we also don't like to ask for help.  We parents don't want to be a burden. 

And life lessons? Heaven forbid, our kids should ask us for some life lessons.

Remember what Mark Twain supposedly said?  “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

So guess what?  This is my blog and I am going to share what I've learned, my life lessons...from the mature viewpoint.

Now I am not going to go all Kim Kardashian on you.  She was turning 35 so she had 35.   I am 67, but I am not going to give you 67. 

I am going to give you three...and here they are.

"It's fine to wear white after Labor Day."

"Dogs in costumes always get laughs."

"No one cares what your life lessons are."

Thanks for listening.

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