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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What Rosy the Reviewer Loves and a Rant About Fashion Magazines

Ever since I found my sister's stash of "Seventeen" magazines, I have been an avid fashion magazine fan.

One of my happiest fashion memories is finding an outfit in our local store that had been on the cover of "Seventeen."  Of course, I had to have it and Daddy made it happen.

My morning ritual in retirement is to waddle downstairs, make myself a cup of tea and read my fashion magazines for an hour or so.

However - and here's the rant part of this post - at the same time that I enjoy this time alone with my magazines, I have also become increasingly irritated with them and it's not for the reasons you might think.

You probably think I would take issue with the impossibly high standard fashion magazines hold women to - the perfectly boyish frame, the blemish free face and the glistening hair.  Or even that women of a certain age are left out of the equation entirely.

But you would be wrong!

It's actually worse than that.

I no longer try to look like those women nor do I worry about it.  We all know even they are airbrushed and to attain and keep those skinny figures, their lives must be hell.  No pizza, no ice cream, no pasta.  No thanks.

No, what irritates the hell out of me are the impossibly high prices on the clothes and accessories that are featured.

And the worst perpetrator is Nina Garcia.

Those of you who follow "Project Runway" will know who I mean.  For those of you who don't, she is one of the judges on that show and usually likes the ugliest clothes and says the meanest things.  She has an air about her that she is just a little bit better than we are, or even than the other judges, for that matter.  She's the daughter of a wealthy Colombian, so I guess that's where she gets it from. She was Fashion Director at "Elle" magazine and is now Fashion Director at "Marie Claire."

Nina has this monthly column in "Marie Claire" magazine called "What Nina Loves" and what Nina loves is so out there when it comes to the average woman that she sounds like Marie Antoinette saying to the peasants, "Let them eat cake."  In Nina's case, she is saying to us, "Let them wear Chanel bags (Price Upon Request)."

In addition to clothes, Nina often mentions other things we can't afford: high-end food such as caviar, vacation spots (tea at The Ritz), apps, games and tchotchkes, such as the Bernardaud dinner plates she features here for $550.

This month "What Nina Loves" are "must-have" pieces inspired by contemporary art."

As I mentioned above, that little Chanel bag says, "Price upon request."  You know what that means.  If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Nina thinks that we must have Tom Ford soap at $35 a pop and a Louis Vuitton bag charm for $745.  A $35 bar of soap?  That's right up there with pigs flying. And if I could afford a Louis Vuitton bag, maybe I would want the charm, but since I can't, I don't.

The beaded Balenciaga sandals for $1375 would be a nice addition to my wardrobe IF I COULD AFFORD $1375!  Likewise the Cartier watch and the Hermes bracelets.  But my favorite "MUST-HAVE" is the Repossi multi-finger knuckle ring. What's a knuckle ring?  If I must have it, I want to know what it is first.  All of those are "Price Upon Request" so I don't dare ask.

The only thing I could afford on both of these pages is the Marc Quinn temporary tattoo for $6, but since I already have three permanent tattoos, why would I want that?

Looking at the fashion magazines, seeing something I like and then seeing the price - a price I could never afford in a million years - kind of ruins my enjoyment of the magazines.

Doesn't Ms. Garcia realize it's just us regular folks who are reading her magazine? And if she wants us to support the fashion industry and read her magazine, we need to see some items we can afford!

So now that I have my knickers in a twist over this, I thought I would do something about it for those of us who can't afford Balmain and Hermes.

I would create my own list of "must-haves" for us regular folks!

Here is

"What Rosy the Reviewer Loves,
inspired by not having much money.
Faux leopard vest
(A wardrobe must because leopard is the new black!)
Costco $20

You might not have realized what a great place Costco is for fashion, but you can find some real gems (and lunch)!  Hubby buys all of his clothes there.

Arm bling
(A wardrobe must because it will make you smile every time you look down at your arm.  You will feel richer than you are)

Blue bracelet - Pier 1 - $2.00
(They usually have a little can of these by the counter)
White bracelet - Gift from my daughter
Watch - Macy's
 (Price Upon Request because I can't remember what it cost but I'm sure it was less than $100)
Charm Bracelet - Willabee & Ward $34
Pearl bracelet - Macy's on sale and using a 20% off coupon
A Statement Dress and Jacket
(A wardrobe must because who doesn't want to make a statement?)
Jacket and dress - H & M - $60
(H & M is a goldmine of inexpensive trendy clothes and accessories - so what if they fall apart after a few wearings.  Trends aren't meant to last forever!) 
An important looking (but not expensive) leopard designer bag
(Remember what I said about leopard?)
This might not be a Chanel bag, but I have been all over Europe with this bag, and I have had many compliments, so there, Nina!
Nordstrom Rack $60 
Statement Earrings
(See above)
Flea Market for a pittance
(Flea Markets and yard sales are treasure troves of treasures)
Jaunty Hat
(A wardrobe must because who doesn't want to be jaunty?)
Borrowed from Hubby.  Cost?  Nothing.
Now here are some of those food and vacation "must-haves" that Nina likes to have on her list.
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
(A must because I have searched the world over for the best Mac & Cheese recipes and none even come close to this -- and I'm a foodie!)
Your local grocery store - if you are lucky 10 for $10
The Perfect Cocktail at the Bengal Lounge
The Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC
With a handsome man!
We don't need a Cartier watch to be happy and stylish, do we? 
I am sure you can also put together your own list of things you love, "Must-Have's" that make you happy and don't cost much.
So let's say it all together now.
Take that, Nina Garcia!
Eat your own cake!
I feel better now.
Thanks for Reading!

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