Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Things I Didn't Know I Needed

I have to admit I am highly susceptible to suggestions.

And it doesn't help that I am addicted to women's magazines.  My idea of a wonderful morning is waddling downstairs, having my morning OJ with a touch of Perrier and immersing myself in a stack of magazines.

But those magazines have all kinds of ads and articles trying to get me to buy or do things, shaming me if I haven't done my spring cleaning using this new miracle mop, admonishing me to moisturize with this new miracle formula and inspiring me to buy this new miracle bathing suit that promises to make me look ten pounds thinner.

If I didn't know I needed these things, I do now!

I know my susceptability is a problem, because when I am shamed, admonished and inspired to do something, I am driven to try it.

For example, a recent article was titled "Life requires a crisp white shirt!"

OMG, I thought, I didn't know that.  Do I have one?  And if I do, is it crisp enough?

When I am standing in line at the store, I know very well items are placed at checkout for impulse buying but I can't help it.

Gum.  Right.  I didn't realize I needed some gum. Need that minty, fresh breath.  Oh, look, what a cute little Beanie Baby. I need that!  "Summer Recipes 5 ingredients or less."  I think I need that (I have over 200 cookbooks at home).  Fourth of July plates are half off!  I never thought of 4th of July plates.  I need those!

You get the picture.

It all started with an ad for a Bikini trimmer.  What a nifty little thing, I thought.  I didn't know I needed that.  So I ordered it. But when it arrived, I realized I had not worn a bathing suit for almost 10 years and I didn't own a bikini!  And ow!  The damn thing hurt!

The View's "Must Have Monday" is like crack to me.  Every Monday, they showcase all kinds of items I didn't know I needed at huge discounts.  Today there was a $60 clothes steamer for $20, 32 makeup brushes, a curling iron that looked like a vibrator and a "legacy box."  I don't know what that is, but I now know that I need it.  I bought a purse from them once that I didn't know I needed.  It's still hanging on the chair in the kitchen.

My house is full of items I didn't know I needed.

  • A librarian action figure that shushes you when you pull on her arm

  • A sparkly sign that says "I'm so glam I sweat glitter."

  • A "Dammit Doll" (it's a little stuffed doll that when you are mad you can whack the table with it and yell "dammit, dammit, dammit" instead of whacking Hubby)

  • A creamer shaped like a cow (you pour the cream by holding its tail and the cream comes out it's mouth) - and I don't even put cream in my tea or coffee!

  • Zebra print boots

  • A collie


Our houses are all filled with stuff we didn't know we needed until suddenly we did!

But in the end, what is important is that I know the things I DO need.

I know I need my family.


That weekly phone call from my adult children and seeing the little grandkids

A cuddle with my dogs


Oh, yeah, and Hubby too.


I need friends, a creative outlet, to feel my life has meaning, time alone to appreciate what I have (and watch TV), healthy activities, wine.

So I guess it's OK to clutter our lives a bit with things we didn't know we needed as long as we also fill our lives with what we really need.

Oh, I just thought of something else I didn't know I needed.


I didn't know how much being grateful for what I do have adds to my life. It puts things in perspective to look up at the sky or at a beautiful flower or at your children and give thanks for being alive.  No amount of stuff you didn't know you needed can replace that feeling.

Why don't you try it?

And ask yourself...

What do I really need?

Why not take some time today and every day to ask yourself that, to feel gratitude and say "thank you" to the universe for what you have.

But while we are on this topic.  I keep seeing ads for a pelvic surgical mesh transplant?  Do I need that?


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  1. Only 200 cookbooks? I'm afraid to count. I know I have over 400 Mexican cookbooks (mostly in Spanish) because I have a database of them to keep me from buying repeats. Recently I spent several days looking for a Moroccan cookbook after having eaten at the authors restaurant in Paris. Turned up yesterday on the cabinet the TV sits on. Why? I'm clueless.

    1. I could very well have more than 200. That was just a ballpark, but I know it's not 400! You got me there! You are the original foodie, Dan!