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Some of Rosy the Reviewer's Favorite TV Shows: 2016 Edition

It's ironic that this is the greatest time of year for someone like me - Rosy the Reviewer - who loves movies and loves reviewing them, because Oscar season is upon us and all of the great films that will be up for Academy Award consideration are in the theatres now or soon will be.  The irony is that this is also the holiday season and Rosy the Reviewer is not immune to all of the busyness the holidays entail, so because of that I have not been able to see as many films as I would like to so, alas, and I hope I am not letting you down, I don't have a new movie review for you this Friday.

But as you know, Rosy the Reviewer also loves TV and no amount of holiday hassle keeps her from her favorite programs, so as an early holiday gift to you, I thought I would give you a handy list of, not just my current favorite TV shows, but just some damn good TV!

Enjoy - and Happy Holidays!

You are very welcome.

The Crown

Elizabeth II is the longest ruling British monarch and this riveting dramatic series shows us how it all happened.  Watch the awards "reign" down on this show (I know, but I can't help it)!

Rosy the Reviewer says...a real life "Game of Thrones" but without the dragons.
(Streaming on Netflix)

This is Us

Don't say I didn't give you a heads up on this one when it wins all of the Emmys.

All of the actors are first rate but Crissy Metz is a stand out and one to watch.  She is amazing. 

Rosy the Reviewer family drama to come along in years.  Trust me.
(Tuesdays, 10pm, ABC - Catch up on Hulu or On Demand)

The Affair

Affairs can be messy and we see just how messy from the points of views of all of the characters involved, Roshomon style.

Rosy the Reviewer says...really good adult TV - wonderful award-winning acting and all kinds of twists and turns that will keep you engrossed and guessing.
(Sundays, 10pm, Showtime - catch up on Hulu or On Demand)


Love true crime, love Lester Holt, but SPOILER ALERT - it's always the husband!

Rosy the Reviewer says...the best in true crime TV.
(Fridays, 9pm, NBC - but it seems like it's on every night)

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee started out on John Stewart's show and now has her own platform for political commentary.

Rosy the Reviewer says...If you miss John Stewart this is for you. Hang on to your hats.  She tells it like it is...and if you lean to the right, she might scare you even more.
(TBS, Mondays, 10:30pm)

The Big Interview with Dan Rather

Ex-newscaster Dan Rather, schooled in the broadcast world of Walter Cronkite when we trusted the news, spends an hour with different celebrities and interviews them in a very thoughtful way.

Rosy the Reviewer says...Rather has a wonderful interviewing technique but, Dan, in the chaos that is now network news and the fake news rife on the Internet, why did you leave the news?  WE NEED YOU AND WALTER!
(AXS TV, various times, click on link above to watch online)

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Following on the heels of Craig Ferguson, British actor James Corden lends his unique brand of humor and his British sensibility to late night.

Rosy the Reviewer says...and his Carpool Karaoke is not to be missed. One of the funniest and most entertaining things you will see on TV!
(CBS, Weeknights, 12:30am)

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Tony blew the lid off of the pressure cooker, so to speak, with his first book "Kitchen Confidential (because of him, we don't order fish in a restaurant on a Monday, right? ), and since then, he has had several TV shows where he traveled the world and ate a ton of food (how do you stay so skinny, Tony?). 

However, this show is his favorite -- and he told me himself!

Rosy the Reviewer says...if you love food and travel and an always interesting point of view about both, you will love this show.
(various times on CNN - check listings)

X Factor UK

This is a British singing competition that is part singing, part over-the-top production numbers and lots and lots of Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne. Some of the biggest names in music show up to perform on this show, too.  I'm talkin' Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, that kind of big name.  Much more fun than our song competitions.

Rosy the Reviewer says...the best song competition show on TV.
(AXS, Sundays and Mondays, 5pm PT)

Now back to reality (mine anyway):

Ladies of London

Part of the "Real Housewives" franchise, except this one has British socialites and American expats thrown together, and since deep down, I don't think the Brits really approve of us, it's a bloody mess but with really classy accents and you know how I feel about England. Heaven.

Rosy the Reviewer says...all of the things I love - England, beautiful clothes and skinny bitches.  My favorite housewives.
(Bravo, Tuesdays, 10pm)

Little Women: L.A.

A sort of "Real Housewives," but these are little people and the point here is, they may be little people but they have the same big problems as everyone else.  If you are a "Dancing With the Stars" fan, you will recognize Terre, whose big personality lit up the show and proved that little people can do everything us larger folks can and sometimes with more personality.

Rosy the Reviewer says...a chance to learn about your fellow humans who may not be just like you but they have the same dreams, desires and problems.
(It's currently on hiatus - find it On Demand or Hulu)

Great British Baking Show/Great American Baking Show

Yet another show we have stolen from the Brits ("Great British Baking Show"), but thank goodness we haven't messed with it too much and it is a very close version to the original, even starring the wonderful Mary Berry, who is a very youthful 81. I love us women of a certain age to be stars!

Rosy the Reviewer says...if you love cooking competitions, this is one of the best (but watch the British version too).
Thursdays, 9pm, ABC

And now from the sublime to the...well, you know...

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

This show is perfect when you have had a rough day, you don't want to think too much and your spouse is being impossible. After watching this, your spouse will look like a saint.  And if not, there is actually some good marriage advice if you do want to think.

Rosy the Reviewer says...when you are in the mood for a train wreck!
(WeTV, Fridays, 9pm)

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