Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why Have A Dog?

While I am on a roll with my "Why Have a...? series: "Why Have a Husband?," "Why Have a Wife?," and my most recent post, "Why Have a Child?, I thought a natural progression would be...Why Have a Dog?  Because when your husband or wife and child leave you, your loyal, loving dog will still be there.

Here are the pros to having a dog:

  • They are good drinking and TV watching companions


  • They are fun to dress up

(My dogs have starred in several  of my blog posts: My popular take on the Dicken's classic, "A Christmas Carol," "My Life Story, by Mildred Pierce (The Dog, Not the Movie)" and my classic, "How Well Do You Know The Classics?")

Here are two of my favorites from that last one.  See if you can guess the books:

(Here's a hint:  "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!)
Here's a hint:  "Cuckoo" is in the title.

  • They are fun to tease
(Don't you wish you could have this hot dog? Well, you can't)

  • They are fun to hug

  • They can be a deterrent to burglars

  • They can provide needed exercise for you

  • It's fun to watch their antics

    (What is he doing to her?)

  • Staring into their eyes, you see their unconditional love

So are there any cons to having a dog?

  • If you drink with your dog, you run the risk of his developing a drinking problem.

  • Dogs can be a deterrent to burglars but if they believe that EVERYONE coming to the front door, INCLUDING YOU, is a burglar, big problem.

  • Every time you put your shoes on, they think it's a walk

  • It's like having a toddler in the house forever. 
A dog's brain is supposed to be akin to a two-year old's.  Now think back on what it was like to have a two-year-old in the house.  You used the word "No!" a lot.  Toilet-training was a big issue (and for some dogs a lifelong one).  Two-year-olds don't have much respect for your property.  You can't go away and leave them for days at a time.

  • Most dogs shed
Except poodles which is why poodles are the best dogs.

  • They get up on the furniture

  • They can be expensive
We have already told our dogs that if they need any medical procedures that cost over $1000, it's sayonara.

But for my money, the pros of having a dog in my life far outweigh the cons.

I have had dogs all of my life and if you would like to meet them all, check out my blog post "To All The Dogs I've Loved Before."

As I said then and still believe now, dogs have been a comfort in times of grief, fulfilled a desire to love and take care of someone, and they are a great source of amusement.  I have also learned from them.

But as I contemplate what a dog is good for, it didn't occur to me that my dogs might have an opinion about ME!

Hubby recently told me about an article that talked about things dogs hate.  Uh...

  • They don't like to be teased

  • They don't like to play dress up

  • They don't like to be hugged

  • They don't like you to stare into their eyes


Before I go, I think we should examine the issue of why have more than one dog.

One dog is wonderful, but then you might worry that little Fido will be lonely when you are away, so you think two dogs would be great.  And you are probably right.

But three dogs?  No!

One dog is a companion to you, two dogs are companions to each other, three dogs are...A PACK OF DOGS!


This is what it's like every single morning when I come down the stairs.

They literally "hound" me for a treat! 

So there you have it.  The joys of dog ownership. 

Oh, I forgot.  It's not PC to say you OWN your dog.  You are a dog guardian.  So it should be dog guardianship. Remember that.

Stay tuned for the next addition to the "Why Have a....?" series: 

Why Have a Cat?

On second thought, forget it. 

I can't think of any reasons to have a cat.


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  1. I saw your comment on The Long Goodbye blog and thought I would waddle on over here to see what your blog is about...AND I see we both love to dress up our dogs! Love the photos and the movie guessing games. Very clever.


    1. Thanks, Sazzy. Glad you enjoyed the post and hope you will be back. On Tuesdays I rant about retirement and pop culture which often includes dogs in costumes. On Fridays I review films, books, theatre, etc. and Inalways try to inspire or at least entertain. Thanks for comment!

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